Erotic Art


Femdom Life

Hah! You had best be showing me some respect while we are around Arcus and his ladies! Or they just might take it into their heads to make you their next victim. Because this is a place where girls with big boobs like mine definitely have the upper hand. The guys in here don't have a hope of avoiding their fate as they are teased, tormented and forced to please their mistresses in a stunning series of colorful and very graphic artworks. From Amazons to Nuns, the women are all big, strong and sexy, while their victims are all big and... well, big! Whether they want to or not they can't help getting aroused by their mistreatment and these women know just what to do with a big, stiff thingie. Well, after putting the men firmly in their place first, of course!

I can't tell you how refreshing it is, after being so often horribly abused and tied up and forced to enjoy myself.... ummmm... I mean, suffer terribly at the hands and other body parts of nearly everyone who I meet, to spend some time seeing the shoe on the other boot, or whatever the saying is! But... errr... don't tell Mr Stormbringer I said that or he might stop me coming to visit here and there is so much more to see yet!


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